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About Me

BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER: A coaching relationship is about you, not me. That said, it's important to find a coach you feel is on your wavelength. Personal chemistry matters—a lot. 


This page tells you a little bit about me: what I’ve done in my life and career—and how it’s relevant to my work as a coach. It should give you a sense of whether I'm the right coach for you. If you feel we could be a good match, then a 30-minute introductory call, with no obligation, would be a typical next step.


I was drawn to becoming a coach for a simple reason: coaching has helped me enormously in my own professional and personal life. Some years ago a wonderful coach massively helped (and possibly even saved) my career as an entrepreneur and a leader. Things were going OK on the surface—but my coach helped me to identify negative attitudes and patterns of behavior that were holding me back. With his help I was able to make both short-term and longer-term fixes. I benefitted from this—and so did the people around me!

I’m now driven to help others in the same way I’ve been helped in my own life and career.

An important aspect of my coaching is that I’m able to draw on a wide range of personal and professional experiences, both success and failures. This helps me to relate to the challenges you’re facing.

Some background: I’ve spent my career in the educational technology sector, first as an entrepreneur, building up and ultimately selling a successful e-Learning agency. After this I took some time off, before rejoining the world of work as an independent consultant, developing learning & development projects for major organizations including McKinsey and Co., Capital One and Johnson & Johnson. 

I love this work, and I’m still involved in this sector, through my agency Learn Interactive. 

But this is not the place to re-hash the glossy positivity of a LinkedIN profile (although it’s here if you'd like to see it!)

Because I want to you to know about my failures too: what I’ve learned from the lows as well as the highs. Over the years I’ve failed in many different ways—failures of strategy (mis-reading the market) and execution (choosing the wrong technology) and sometimes of management (failing to sustain important relationships, sometimes damaging them irreparably through destructive behavior). I’ve tried to learn from all these failures and struggles—to “fail better next time”, as the saying goes.

My experience "at the sharp end" of businesses both large and small has given me first hand experience of the pressures and stresses of the modern workplace. I've been a leader myself (often, at least at first, far out of my depth) and have worked at major companies under leaders both strong and…less strong. This helps me relate to clients ranging from a newly minted manager to those entering the C-suite for the first time, or taking a step up in terms of accountability and stress.

I believe it's useful, too, that I lived and worked in many different countries and cultures. I began my career in London (where I’m from originally), and moved to New York City at the turn of the millennium, in my late twenties. I've spent time working in Paris and Italy—and also India, where I set up an offshore production arm for my learning technology company. (I'm proud to say our company cricket team won the local corporate championship in Pune.)


Image courtesy of Mahesh Gore (a very talented graphic designer, kneeling at far right)

I have many interests outside work: I’ve written and recorded a pop song...

...and made a musical cartoon (for no particular reason) summarising the history of Western philosophy...

I’m a keen sportsman—not just cricket but soccer (the game that we Brits call football)—and tennis). I speak French and Italian fluently having studied both at university (I speak a bit of Hindi and Tamil too, from my time in India). I’m a keen reader and sometimes use examples from literature in my coaching sessions.

My personality and approach won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, That’s fine, of course—if our relationship doesn’t feel right, I have a carefully curated network of peers and colleagues I can potentially refer you to. An introductory session is usually enough to figure out whether we’re a good match.

But to re-cap: while my background and experience are important, insofar as they help me relate to your experiences, at the end of the day this is about you.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

To help you assess whether we’re well matched, here’s a short video with a bit more background on me, and why I got into coaching:

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