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I'm based between London (where I grew up) and New York (where I've lived for 20 years) and spend a lot of time in both cities. I have clients all over the world including India (a country I know well—my wife is from Chennai and we lived in India for two years).


I'm of course happy to work via telephone or videoconference. I tend to use Zoom but the platform doesn't matter— as long as the connection is good and we don't lose time to setting up the technology!

When meeting in person, I have no fixed consulting room: I either use a WeWork space that's convenient for you or we can meet in another location. A museum (such as the Frick Collection, below) can provide a great way to get into a constructive and creative frame of mind (and get out of the office!). The Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art, in Chelsea, is a also a wonderful location with a fertile and meditative atmosphere.


The Frick Collection, New York. Photo credit: JoyOfMuseums under Creative Commons 3.0


Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art (photo courtesy of Rubin Museum)

Sometimes a walk in the park can provide a powerful venue for a coaching session. I've conducted coaching sessions in Central Park (Manhattan), Kensington Gardens (London) and Lodi Gardens (New Delhi)! 

At the end of the day, however, venue is not important. Far more critical is the mindset of openness and exploration that we both bring to the session.


Lodi Gardens, New Delhi. Photo credit: Amaninder under Creative Commons 3.0

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