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Stop Googling, Let's Talk

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

MIT Researcher ...blah blah where does this text go?

Is this the ext of the blog post? What if it becomes very long? Steamy Hallows is the new Harry Potter-inspired pop-up café located at 514¾ East 6th St. in the East Village (Manhattan). Steamy Hallows is very creepy because it has a taxidermied bat, the bones of a snake, a mandrake's screaming plant, a tarantula, and creepy footprints from the marauder's map. It also features amazing drinks such as "Butter Beer Latte" and "Love Potion Number 9¾."

Are you curious about the ingredients for Butter Beer? It’s easy! All you need are espresso, hot chocolate, whipped cream, fairy dust, vanilla, butterscotch syrup, crushed golden snitch, and the best ingredient of them all . . . magic! Once you try it, you'll want accio* more.

The manager does lots of movie-themed pop-up cafés such as Star Wars and Beetlejuice. If you enjoy Steamy Hallows, you can follow them on Instagram @SteamyHallows.


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